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Multidisciplinar Studio

We are a multidisciplinar studio based in Marseille, France.
We are a cooperation between graphic design and textile design.
We design and produce brand indentity, textiles, accesories, artprints and more.


Our works


Spatial Water

Creative direction & textile design

Spatial Water represent "Messenger of the Future" & "Return of the Comet".
Both are digital printings on silk with nonpolluting water based inks. Made in france

Shooting by Agata Wolanska
Backstage by Tom Sanslaville


Into the submarine

Creative direction & textile design

Photography campaign and design textile for this capsule collection of silk scarves.
Set design mixing food & graphics accessories.


Back to Nature

Art direction & textile design

Digital printing on silk with nonpolluting water based inks. Made in France

Photography by Tom Sanslaville

Free, rythmic ans playfull. It is this abstract vision of graphic design we want to convey through our collections of scarves. The expression of the textile design field opens more independent production and alternative and it is in this context that our ambition to expose our visual designer culture.

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